Zaid M. Haddad, Ph.D

Zaid M. Haddad, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Teacher Education at the University of Texas at San Antonio. As a teacher educator, his research and teaching center around the ways we negotiate our many intersecting identities as we encounter new and changing contexts, the authentic and compassionate assessment of one’s learning to teach and empowering critically-oriented multicultural curriculum design and transformation. At UTSA Dr. Haddad teaches courses at all levels of our undergraduate teacher certification programs; additionally, at the graduate level He teaches both masters and doctoral level courses in curriculum and instruction that focus on teaching and learning, Critical social and cultural theories, and in Critical Multicultural Education. Dr. Haddad sees his work with teacher candidates and teachers as foundational to the continuance of our democracy and sees the public school as the one and only place in society where we can repay the debts we owe those that were, are and may still be oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised. “The work we do matters so much that my expectations of my students are unyielding and without compromise, we teach teachers to teach and save lives.”