Sofia Wilson is a senior at the University of Texas at San Antonio, majoring in psychology along with a minor in sociology. Sofia is currently a research assistant in Dr. Nicole Wicha’s neurobiology laboratory. In the lab, she is currently working with children in order to look at how children process arithmetic facts by using the EEG technique. Her research interests are in the effects primary caretakers have on children’s performance on standardized testing. Sofia is also involved in the RISE program (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) which gives students research opportunities. As far as her personal career goals, she would like to pursue a graduate degree in counseling and educational policy. 


I am currently a work-study student for Dr. Nicole Wicha in her neurobiology lab that focuses on how children process math facts by using the EEG technique. Presumptions about bilingual children struggling to learn in their second language can negatively impact their educational development. Understanding how school children are processing information can allow educators to find different ways to teach students math concepts. This can benefit children’s foundation for critical thinking, problem-solving, and general math skills.