Luis Montero-Moguel, MSc

Luis Montero is a Ph.D. Candidate in Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching specializing in STEM Education at The University of Texas at San Antonio. He earned his MSc in Mathematics Education from the University of Guadalajara and his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Luis is an NSF-CADRE fellow. He participated in the SEFI PhD Summer School 2024 at the Centre for Engineering Education in London. With 11 years of experience teaching mathematics high school and higher education in engineering, and business programs, Luis has developed a comprehensive understanding of the needs of diverse student populations in K-16. As part of his doctoral program, Luis has earned a Graduate Certificate in iSTEM Education and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education. He has publications in prestigious journals and has presented his research at international conferences such as AERA, PME-NA, ASEE, and SEFI. Luis is a graduate research assistant in grant projects funded by the NSF and the IES-U.S. Department of Education. In addition to his academic pursuits, Luis serves as leader of the thematic working group of mathematical modeling of the Mexican Society for Research and Dissemination of Mathematical Education A.C. (SOMIDEM). He brings 18 years of professional experience in project engineering specializing in the design of stainless-steel equipment for the food industry.

Research Focus

Expanding equitable and high-quality learning opportunities for engineering students through mathematical modeling. His research focuses on exploring the process of refining mathematical ideas and engineering concepts that students develop while engaging in model-development curricular sequences built in real engineering contexts.