Leya Van Os is an undergraduate student in the College of Education and Human Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Though she is originally from Austin, Texas, she has spent over half of her life in San Antonio. She is majoring in Women’s (and Gender) Studies with a minor in Sociology. Having always been appreciative of learning history, as a sophomore, she changed her major from Anthropology to Women’s and Gender Studies without ever having taken a single Women’s Studies class; basing this decision on the realization that the history that she had been learning was stale, biased from the victor, and based around white men’s history. Her research centers around the importance of multicultural or diverse learning, suggesting that these play a part in the development of students.


I want to concentrate my research on the possible benefits that multicultural learning has on students. Personally, my time as a WGS student has expanded my worldview and tolerance of all peoples and I would like to understand if others would agree.