Krista D Keller is a first generation undergraduate student at the University of Texas at UTSA. Her major is Interdisciplinary Studies ELAR and Social Studies (4-8).  She will graduate in the Spring of 2020 as a certified teacher, and will immediately continue on to graduate school to pursue a degree in Educational Psychology.  Education and Psychology have been her greatest passions since childhood. It began when she was 10 years old, reading through a neuropsychology book at her local library, and the rest is history.  Throughout her personal life experiences, Krista has gained a passion for helping children.  She would like to work to correct the systemic injustices that take place in the education setting against students from inequitable backgrounds. Her goal through her research is to gain knowledge of various strategies and practices which she can implement in her own classroom and beyond to ensure students from inequitable backgrounds are able to not only succeed, but thrive.  


Through my research I will be able to gain knowledge of strategies and practices I can implement in my own classroom to ensure that students from inequitable backgrounds are able to thrive academically and emotionally.