Hi, my name is Jordan Davis, and I am from Harker Heights, Texas where I graduated from Harker Heights High School in June 2019. Currently, I am a sophomore undergraduate student at The University of Texas at San Antonio majoring in Music Education.


My main interest is fostering a community filled with enrichment and positivity through music that allows students to develop well in all facets of life. Each music program is different based on a variety of factors. I myself had the fortune to be a participant in great music programs and I would love to give back to music as a music educator so that students may have great experiences and I had for generations to come. My interest is gaining an understanding as to the impact that funding has on music programs. Each program is different, and they all vary in size, but when it comes to funding, they all seem to face the same dilemma. I want to have a better comprehension of this so that I may help find ways to help eradicate the problem so that every student has the opportunity to be a part of great music programs if they so choose. I look forward to working with everyone and to conduct research.