“Hi, my name is Jessica Tenorio, and I am studying political science with a concentration in social studies. I hope to earn a teaching certification in grades seven through twelfth and teach American Government. My heart is set on becoming a professor of Education and teach aspiring teachers all that I know. I am a first-generation student and very driven. I am a member of the UTSA Honors College and a work-study there as well. Through the Honors College, I became a McNair Scholar and now an IES Pathways fellow. My ambitions continue to drive me down the research path, and I am looking forward to all that is to come. I aspire to throw color against a white canvas and use my voice for the many underrepresented populations in education. 


My research interests are mostly in k-12 Education. As a McNair scholar, I looked at using social media as a tool for youth civic engagement in social movements like Black Lives Matter. In IES, I would like to explore more about youth civic engagement, but I am open to other topics as well. I am curious about student motivation, research-based teaching methods and practices, and how the environment of schools impact students. Overall, my research topics derive from my desire to become the best teacher that I can.”