Hello! I am an undergraduate student in the College of Education and Human Development pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies for Special Education for Early Childhood through 12th grade (EC-12) and a minor in Early Intervention (EIN). I am a Supplemental Instruction leader for the Tomas Rivera Student Success Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio and now a UTSA IES Pathways Fellow for Cohort 4. My hobbies include painting, all things outdoors (bike riding, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding), watching movies, cooking, and hanging out with my family.

My research interests include the relationship between students with speech deficits and class size in rural areas. Being from a small town, I observed the lack of proper speech therapy services for students in need. I want to study how to bridge this gap and detect deficits in oral and written speech earlier to implement the necessary interventions.