My name is Cameron Bryce Purifoy. I am a Junior History Major from Round Rock, Texas. My

love for history dates back to my early days of schooling. Both of my parents were born and

raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Due to numerous trips down south, I realized how

Birmingham’s historical cities are on a national level—taking consistent trips to visit the

extended family to uncover more information about my identity as an African American male in

today’s society. For roughly four years, I attended Not Your Ordinary School (NYOS) in Austin,

Texas. This charter school contributed tremendously to my love or passion for history across all

ethnicities and races. My mother has taught for over two decades, as new opportunities

provided us with the opportunity to attend a school closer to Round Rock, where we lived. I

graduated from Hutto High School in Hutto, Texas May of 2018. I admired NYOS because of

the field trips and the ability to grow and learn about various cultures throughout Austin. I found

field trips very enlightening and essential in developing students from curious young minds to

advanced cultural explorers. I would love to research the advantages of providing adequate

opportunities for students to explore their cities’ history, also navigating the lack of efficiency in

equity that disables students in primary school to experience different ways to learn about