Bio: My name is Ashlee Weber. I am a student at The University of Texas at San Antonio and an IES Pathways Fellow. I am currently, in the College of Education and Human Development studying to become a teacher. My focus is EC-6th grade education. My research focus is related to incorporating Augmented Reality in an elementary school setting. For instance, I want to be able to ask questions such as, what grade level benefits the most? When should AR first be introduced (grade level)? My goal is to be able to prove that when AR is incorporated into student lessons there is more motivation and a better retention of knowledge displayed. As a returning student, I have been focused on studying towards this Education Degree and plan to complete it, so I can start working in a school district as a qualified teacher. My passion is to teach all children and encourage them to succeed. I believe that every child needs a chance to grow, and encouragement is something that gives children the confidence to shine.

Research: I plan to use what I have gained in my research with IES Pathways to further understand the effects teacher and peer roles play in academic growth. How do Influences such as bullying and favoritism disrupts the learning process. Ultimately, does the climate of the school/classroom have long term effects on retained knowledge.