Ann Marie Ryan, PhD

Dr. Ryan is Professor and chair for the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching (ILT) at UTSA, which is where our teacher preparation program is housed, and it is also the department where the grant resides. She was formerly faculty at Loyola University Chicago, where she obtained several awards and grants funded by Chicago Public Schools strongly focusing on school, communities, and student success.  She’s editor for the journal Review of Research in Education and worked on the release of the recent volume on Changing Teaching Practices in P-20 Educational Settings. Ann Marie also brings some connections to Stanford faculty that will continue enhancing our UTSA-Stanford collaborations.

Her teaching and research concentrate on the connections between teaching and learning in P-12 schools, communities, and teacher preparation. She also researches the history of education in the United States from the early to mid-twentieth century with a focus on the intersections between Catholic schools and public education reforms.