Hi, my name is Adeline Eiley, I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I spent a huge portion of my life traveling around the US because my father was in the military. Traveling helped me discover my passion for teaching and absolute love for kids. My goal is to help students who come from different cultural backgrounds have success in their education despite differences in cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I’m a junior at UTSA studying to become an ESL elementary school teacher. I’ve worked with kids for the last couple of years through the northside after school care program which has helped prepare me for the field I have decided to work in. My hope is that with this program I’ll discover in my research a lot of strategies and resources to share with my future students, so they have as many tools to prepare them for their transitions into college and adulthood.


I am researching first generation students accessing higher education. I am a student at UTSA studying ESL education for EC-6th to become an elementary school educator. My goal with my research is to examine the extent to which low income high minority student groups in secondary school level receive tools and resources to achieve higher education.