Stacy Helena Carrizales is a third year, first-gen student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is an active member of the Honors College, the Russian Club, and serves as an IES Pathways fellow.

Motivated by a commitment to cultural understanding, Stacy aspires to achieve fluency in four languages by the age of 30, showcasing her dedication to fostering global understanding. Her passion is evident in her ongoing research, which focuses on investigating and enhancing the outreach strategies employed by Hispanic Serving Institutions to promote undergraduate research programs. Stacy seeks to identify effective methods that contribute to building a culture of research and innovation within the Hispanic community. She argues that the effective marketing of opportunities in undergraduate research could significantly encourage more students to pursue advanced studies at the graduate level.

Looking forward, Stacy plans to pursue a Ph.D. with the aim of influencing educational research and policies to improve learning environments. Beyond academia, she envisions a future as an author, utilizing her writing, speaking, and multimedia skills to create engaging, educational content focused on personal development. Stacy’s journey reflects a holistic approach, encompassing research, teaching, content creation, and a profound desire to enhance the quality of people’s lives.